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Kindergarten Canvas


Hello everyone!

It’s me Zoey again – this time I want to show you this canvas I made. In some countries in these days (maybe weeks?) kids had their come back to school…not in Italy though! Here kids start school in September. How I miss these 3 months off school! LOL

Ok back to our canvas!!

I took the inspiration from various pins I saw on Pinterest, I am sure that most of you have seen these pins with all the melted crayons and I wanted to give it a try!

The color palette was inspired by the photography I used.

I glued the crayons to the canvas and melted them with the heat tool, but since this was my first time melting crayons, I was afraid to melt the crayons too much!! So I didn’t let the crayons melt completely and I filled up the spaces that were still white some colors from the Hero Arts Watercolor Wheel.
If you are new to watercoloring , I would definitely suggest you to buy this wheel! I have mine since Hero Arts put it on the market and it still works amazing, colors are so bright!

I let the color dry – if you want to try this technique, just remember that you have to let everything dry without the heat tool because otherwise the crayons will melt again! (LOL guess who melted it two times? Me of course!)

The second step was to grab the Hero Arts Memories Unicorn White Ink Pad AF217  , one Sponge Dauber and I used the Sponge Dauber to apply the ink through the stencil – as you can see in this photo:



The Hero Arts Memories Unicorn White Ink Pad AF217 takes a bit to dry – so be careful! I love it because it is the only white ink I tried so far that it is really opaque!

Then I added the Studio 490 Wendy Vecchi White Embossing Paste through this wonderful stencil Hero Arts Numbers Background Stencil SA009. It is the perfect stencil for Back to School/School related projects!



Do you see these small circle in the photo above? Do you know what I used? I used again the Hero Arts Memories Unicorn White Ink Pad AF217  and the Sponge Dauber but this time I used a Christmas Themed stencil… Hero Arts Circle Christmas Tree Stencil SA005!

All was left to do was to adhere all the pieces to the canvas, to do that I used the Scotch Permanent Mounting Foam Tape .5” x 36 yards .

And here are the photo of the canvas! What do you think about it?



If you want to purchase the products I used to create this card just click over the link at the bottom of this post and use ZOEY15 to get a 15% discount (the code will work for any other products too!)

Do not forget that you still have plenty of time to join our monthly challange – theme is Encouragement!

Stay Happy, Stay Inspired!

Till next time , CIAO!



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Author: Zoey Scarpelli

Mixed Media Artist who also like cardmaking, scrapbooking, drawing, reading, making silly faces. When not crafting I am a wanna be dinosaurus. (LOL)

5 thoughts on “Kindergarten Canvas

  1. Woweeeeeeeeeee! THis is amazing Zoey — You are so talented with this type of paper-crafting and I just LOVE it this “Back to School” inspired Canvas turned out! The crayons are the perfect extra touch! It’s awesome!

  2. LOVE this canvas Zoey! Such a cute photo too!

  3. I love it!!!

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