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Shake It Up, Shake It Up


Hi, friends, it’s Chark here today with a little more inspiration for the Brand New September Challenge. The theme is Hero Arts and Shaker Cards. I will be the first to admit that I love shaker cards but that I cannot make them! There seems to be too much cutting and pasting for me to get them right. So…guess what? I got rid of some the detailed work and it actually came out ok this time!

IMG_7898Yes, I know it’s early for Christmas cards…but when I got my cutie gingerbread stamps, they just begged me to make a card with them right now! So, let’s pretend it’s at least after Halloween so you won’t be mad at me. Aren’t they sweet?

gingerbreadTo make the inside (shaker part) of the card, I used the little plastic bag my stamps came in, trimmed it down and had two open sides and two sealed sides. I used washi tape to seal one edge, broke out the Christmas cookie sprinkles (yes, the edible kind) and filled the little bag. Then I sealed the other side with the washi and then just adhered it to the back of the card.

IMG_7928I cut the window in the front of the card and inset a smaller rectangle in a slightly different green cardstock. I stamped Christmas from an old HA set in white unicorn ink. I love that stuff—best white ink ever. Then I added my trimmed gingerbread boys and heart in Neon Red ink, a die cut Happy in red glitter paper, some more washi and it was finished. Aannnddd it was a shaker card that didn’t lose bits of sprinkles everywhere! I feel so accomplished.


Join us this month in creating your own shaker card with your Hero Arts products and then enter the challenge for a chance to win $25 to the a2z Scrapbooking Supplies store.

Happy Shaking!

charkGingerbread stamps

Happy Stamp & Cut

White Unicorn Ink

Washi tape

Pear Cardstock

Apple Crush Cardstock

Author: craftychark

Loves reading, crafting, writing and The Wizard of Oz.

5 thoughts on “Shake It Up, Shake It Up

  1. Fantastic, Super, Adorable…and oh so fun! Love it Char!! 🙂

  2. I love your sprinkles! Those gingerbread are too cute.

  3. OMG what a super easy way to make shakers!! And this is one editable too!!!! You’re so clever Chark!

  4. Such a cute idea to use actual sprinkles! So adorable, Char!

  5. So fun Chark! Love that used “edible sprinkles!” Now I’m hungry for sugar cookies..haha

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