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Hi, friends, it’s Chark here today to show you a project I made with a gift bag from a jewelry store. It was a quality black bag (that held my 25th anniversary ring!) and had the store name on just one side. So, I did some easy trimming and taping and got a shaker gift bag to give for Christmas. Classy upcycling!

Step 1: Trim off the store name from the front of the bag.


2. Trim a plastic bag to fit the hole and fill with a stamped sentiment and sequins. The flat sequins don’t move around as much as the cupped sequins. You can add other stamped images such as stars or hearts or more sentiments.


3. Adhere a piece of pearlized silver paper to the inside of the bag to cover the hole and then place the sequin bag over the front of the hole that you cut.


4. Use glitter tape to tape the sequin pack to the front of the bag and cover the edges.

IMG_8111 5. Give a gift to someone special.

IMG_8136I really hope you’ll join us this month for the Hero Arts and Shaker Card Challenge to try to win the $25 gift certificate to a2z Scrapbooking Supplies and don’t forget to check us out on Twitter and Facebook  for great deals, ideas & maybe even a giveaway!


Home Baked Stamp set

Pearlescent Paper (silver)

Blue Glitter Tape

Snow Sequins

Mixed Sequins

Recycled Gift Bag and Acetate Packaging

Author: craftychark

Loves reading, crafting, writing and The Wizard of Oz.

6 thoughts on “Shaker Gift Bag

  1. So clever you!? The result is fantastic, thanks for the ‘how to’ tutorial!!

  2. So Cute! You have the best ideas, Miss Char!

  3. Super idea…very creative Char, and I love you make your “shakers” so easily! Thanks for sharing you tips!!

  4. Fabulous Idea! So neat 🙂

  5. such a great idea 🙂

  6. Such a fun idea! A very classy upcycled shaker bag indeed!!

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