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A bit of Fall for Us All


I couldn’t wait to use this Forest Stencil for a Fall card, maybe lots of cards.  I couldn’t stop after one.  I hope you like these as much as I do. There was a lot of sponging, but once into the rhythm, I was happily sponging  8 of these beauties.  I am only showing you four, but you can pop over to catch the others at my blog.   As you can see, you can move the stencil to give the card a different design as you sponge, but you can turn the stencil over and have a different design, but I do caution you to FIRST CLEAN the stencil if you’ve just used the other side.  I know you would clean it, but just saying!

I gave all of the 8 cards away and have to make a ton more for the holidays because my staff want these in their gift bags for the holidays.  I started a simple gifting with my staff and I’m afraid that it’s become a bit more than my staff now, it’s my past staff, retirees who promise to bring goodies back for me if I can possibly do more cards for them… and on.  So had to make more than 8 cards.  You’ll have to scroll all the way to the bottom.to see tops for cards.

A TIP:  I did tape the stencil on top of each card by using REMOVABLE tape all along the inside of the stencil.  All the places where it might lift up if you sponged a bit heavier or rougher will stay down.   I have a rough sponge pad that helps get the tape off the back in soapy water as removable tape on plastic still likes to stick.  I can see sooooooooo many uses for this stencil.  Every season of the year could use a stencil like this.

a2z Fall Pal Fab Day Scene Stencil Oct 2015


a2z Fall Pal Lavender Scene Stencil Oct 2015


a2z Fall Pink to Lavender Scene Stencil Oct 2015


a2z Fall Yellow Scene Stencil Oct 2015

The card stock is cut from 12: X 12″ card stock I purchased from Michaels a couple months ago  NO SPONGING on the background, but lots of woodsy sponging of white.  I was so lucky to have found these backgrounds.  They look so natural and even a bit handmade.  I don’t think I’m that good.

I had to make 27 more tops to go on cards.  I sat one afternoon and sponged  the white unicorn ink onto as many pieces of cardstock as I had the patience to do.  It’s about that time when you don’t want to look at another card again.  But the results were well worth it.  I had so many compliments and requests for cards at Christmas that I needed to start on the rest now.  I totally LOVE this Hero Arts stencil and  Unicorn ink.

a2z Forest Stencil 2015

  • OWH Forest Stencil
  • Hero Arts Sentiments from various clear stamp sets.
  • Hero Arts Ombre Ink Light Ruby to Royal Red – used the middle section of the ink pad
  • Hero Arts Cup O’ Joe Ink
  • Hero Arts Hero Hues Pigment Ink – Unicorn (I LOVE this ink)

I have four different cards-up at A Bit of This and That.

Hope you’ll join in our Octoberr Challenge and make a “Fall” card with your Hero Arts stamps, dies and stencils. And, if you need some new supplies, don’t forget to shop at a2z Scrapbooking..  Don’t forget that we are on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.  Follow us on these different social media outlets so you won’t miss out on any fun promotions!

 If you are in need of any items from the a2z Scrapbooking store  you can use code Arlene15 at checkout to receive 15% off your purchase of $25 or more (before tax and shipping).  Don’t forget that we are on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.  Follow us on these different social media outlets so you won’t miss out on any fun promotions!


3 thoughts on “A bit of Fall for Us All

  1. You have been production Arlene!! Wow! Love the ombre inking!!

  2. Woweeee! You did a fantastic job with this stencil and made a HUGE variety of Fall cards…Way to go! I love the wonderful range of colors…so pretty! 🙂 I need to try doing this sometime, so that I can build up my card collection again! I’ve donated so many in the past few months, that I hardly have any left! 🙂 Great idea!!

  3. you were a busy woman! these are lovely!

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