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Roses in Winter


Hi, friends, it’s Chark here today with a way to make your paper flowers more dimensional. I used the Blush Print flower pack and layered a few flowers together, and I rolled a single petal to be the flower center. You could add pearls or rhinestones, which I usually do. But this time around, it was all flowers.


I prettied up a white box with some silver poinsetta paper and silver hologram tape, then added the leaf die cuts and the roses I had made.

It came together pretty quickly and I love how it turned out. Once you make the rolled single petal center, glue that flower (that you cut the petal from) around it and then glue a larger one around that and then layer as many as you like. I used five to six on each.


The best part is that there are several colors of these paper flowers, including the Blush Mix I used, Pool, Sea, Sunshine, Earth Printed and White/Cream Mix. The white flowers are fun to ink and color to fit your project.

The regular pricing of $3.95 is a good deal for 24 flowers of different shapes and prints, but right now, the Sunshine and Pool are on sale for $2.00 for each pack of 24, so you can get a lot of bang for your buck with these.

Don’t forget to join in our December challenge of Hero Arts and Make it Pop (add dimension) here for a chance to win a gift certificate to the store!

Check out the store for all the new Hero Arts Valentine goodies and all the newly added items in the sale section, you’ll be amazed!

Happy Wednesday!


Blush Mix Paper Flowers

Silver Tape (similar to mine)

White Candy Box

Spring Branch Die


Author: craftychark

Loves reading, crafting, writing and The Wizard of Oz.

9 thoughts on “Roses in Winter

  1. I love this ideas…so creative! Great share!

  2. It’s stunning!! What a beautiful project!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Wow, I’ve never made flowers like that. Beautifully done.

  4. Wow! Your roses are gorgeous!

  5. Oh wow, these are gorgeous! With a name like Rose, I was drawn to these immediately!

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