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Clean and Simple Stenciling


Hello everyone!!  Kymona here today to show you how to create a clean and simple stenciling card!!

When you think of stenciling you don’t think clean and simple in the same sentence.  That’s because stenciling requires inks, brushes, blending tools, paste and other supplies that might be messy, but not always.

I’m going to show you!

Remember this formula when you think of Clean and Simple (CAS) cards:

Plenty of white space + a simple design that can be repeated with ease + little to no embellishment = Clean and Simple!

Take a look:

clean and simple stenciling

Gather all of your supplies.  I used the following:

Here is how I created my card:

Tape down the cardstock so that it doesn’t shift.

Then tape down the stencil where you want the design to appear on your cardstock.

taping down the stencil and inks used


Use the ink blending tool to add the ink color to the bottom portion of the card.  Blend the colors creates a great effect.

Do not ink up the entire card front.  Remember we want to create a Clean and Simple card!

Stamp your sentiment right above the stenciling leaving the top nice and white.

I have to confess, I wasn’t going to add any embellishments but some of the black ink from the sentiment must have been on my finger and it appeared on one of the flowers.  So I needed to cover it up.  I really didn’t want to make another card, so I used the sequin to cover up my smudge.

It all worked out!!

Take another look:

clean and simple stenciling

What do you think? Will you join us and challenge yourself and create a Clean and Simple card using a stencil?  Let me know below.  I would love to hear what you think about this technique.

The Hero Arts items I used for my cards are out of stock at this time but you can request a special order at the a2z Scrapbooking Store.  If you would like to purchase any of the Hero Arts supplies I used please head on over to the store and use the coupon code KYMONA15 to get 15% off your purchase.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Author: KreativeKymona

Hello, I’m Kymona Tracey. Who am I, you ask? I am a women who never slows down and loves it. Yes... I am the energizer bunny's sister! I just keep going and going (which is something that I am working on, if you follow my weekly wishes on my blog). I am a single mother of two wonderful children who are 8 years apart. My 16 year old son is a true self-made jock who plays every sport you can think of ! My 7 year old daughter is a real life princess who loves anything crafty and girly and absolutely hates anything related to sports. Talk about yin and yang! ...but I love it!! Besides running from one activity to another with them, I work full time at a hospital (public health background), facilitate a reading group at work, teach high school students on the weekends and have a huge love of learning new things. I’ve taken classes in photography, web design, knitting, scrapbooking and card-making. I love them all, however, my true passion is card-making. I was introduced to card making back in 2004 and haven’t turned back since. I started out as a hobbyist just making cards for family and friends. People were always ecstatic when they received a card from me. What they did not know was that it made me feel just as special to make a card for them. This passion pushed me into teaching card-making classes at work with a couple of coworkers who wanted to learn how to make projects for their families. In September 2013, I made a big leap and created my blog, Kreative Kymona. Besides being a mom, I think that this has been one of my most rewarding accomplishments. Just being able to share with my world community makes life so rewarding!

6 thoughts on “Clean and Simple Stenciling

  1. I love this pretty,bright, happy card!!! Thanks for sharing the instructions!

  2. I love the clean and simple style you created with stencil. Lovely and sweet card, Kymona.

  3. Kymona, love your fun + happy card!

  4. I’m usually not into yellows, but I love this – sunny and cheery and summery. Love it.

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