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International Behçet’s Disease Day


Dear Crafty Friends,

Today, May 20th, is International Behçet’s Day.

Behçet’s Disease  is a rare, chronic, autoimmune, auto inflammatory vasculitis of unknown origin. It  currently impacts 16,000-20,000 people in the United States.  In the United States and Europe, more women are affected by this disease than men, but in the Middle East and Japan it affects more men than women.

Behçets is a multi-system disease with symptoms of genital and oral ulcers and uveitis (eye infections which can cause vision loss). It can also cause joint pain, gastro ulcers, neurological complications (such as neuropathy, strokes or seizures and language issues). It can take years to diagnose, because it is a process of elimination rather than a specific test. You can learn more about Behçet’s at http://www.behcets.com.

a2z Scrapbooking was formed in 2007 to raise funds for Behçet’s research and to provide an opportunity for children with Celiac to go to summer camp in a gluten free environment. Your purchases help these causes!

As the volunteer Purchasing Director for a2z Scrapbooking, I am proud to volunteer for a company that makes contributions to Behçet’s Disease research. I have had Behçet’s since infancy but wasn’t officially diagnosed until after my first heart attack at the age of 40 in 2001. I have had thirteen miscarriages. I have survived six strokes, seizures, macular edema, uveitis, and five heart attacks. Behçets has been a relentless disease for me.

Since there is no cure for Behçet’s disease I have learned to live in warrior mode to fight this disease, while enjoying my role as Purchasing Director of a2z Scrapboooking. It is a delight to work with our talented design team and staff while contributing to making a difference. And our customers are second to none!

If you would like more information about Behçets please go to the American Behcet’s Associations website.

I had planned to do a card with this post, but unfortunately my health did not permit this.

There is still plenty time to join in the fun and play our May challenge – Sentiment Focus.  Click the Current Monthly Challenge tab to get the details and link up.

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Author: a2zscrapbooking

a2z Scrapbooking is proud to be a premier Hero Arts Retailer. Our Etsy store carries an extensive array of Hero Arts products and we love special orders. Our company, which is run by volunteers, was founded in 2007 in an effort to raise funds for Celiac and Behcets awareness. Have a question or a special request? Please contact us!

4 thoughts on “International Behçet’s Disease Day

  1. Thank you for the info Linda. Thank you for all you do to raise awareness of this disease. Stay strong and keep up the good fight.

  2. Thank you Cindy. It is a joy to work with you:)

  3. So sorry to hear of your suffering with this disease! 😦 I’m glad you are able to do good work still, though. Thank you for raising awareness! 🙂 ~ Andrea

  4. I’m late to the party – sorry, I’m new! This is the first blog I’ve found by someone else who has the disease. I didn’t know we had a day; I’ll be sharing this. Thank you x

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