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Digital Stamping with Hero Arts Vintage Travel DK002



Hello all, Delia from Jacobi Creations here with my first post as one of the awesome DT members at A2Z scrapbooking.  I would like to share with you today a travel themed layout using the Hero Arts Digital Stamp Collection Vintage Travel DK002 Instant Download.  To be honest, this was my first time using digital stamps, I didn’t really understand how they worked, so, I love a challenge and off I went.  It is all pretty simple really, seems that it is just another version of clipart, so import digital files into your favourite digital editing program, I used photoshop and manipulate how you wish.  There is a great free online program that works just like photoshop called pixlr that can be accessed easily enough for those that do not have anything readily installed.  You can use Word if you are really desperate.

Once you have the image/s sized how you like, print them off and colour however you prefer – there are so many options.  I actually used my Chameleon pens because they are just cool and the way they shade is groovy, but you can ink them, use pencils, pastels or any kind of medium, paint them or not do anything.  You can colour them on the computer in some programs prior to printing them out.  When colouring by hand just be aware of the quality of the paper you are printing on and how much it can endure.


Once the images are how you like them, cut them out, ink the edges in brown ink to help give an aged look and now they are ready to be used just like normal ephemera.  This layout uses all 13 digital stamps from the Vintage Travel range.  Doing layouts is about the enjoyment of creating to achieve the finished product, there is no right way, there are things to take into consideration, but your imagination is key.  Try things, if they work, they work, if they don’t, they don’t.  I often find that creativity can look worse before it looks better.  Just a weird thing, I regularly get to a point and think, hmmm, not sure this is working or quite right, but push through and then it ends up looking awesome.

To create this layout, I used a very old Kaisercraft paper with a travel theme/map to it, covered it in clear gesso to help it stay flat and did some postmark stamping with black ink.  The first image I worked with is the map, I printed this out just under A4 size and then went over the grey lines with a brown coloured pen (I deliberately made the image print grey over black so I could trace over them), I then used brown ink with a dauber to colour the paper and give it an ‘old’ look.  I decided to make it into a scroll, so a bit like a treasure map.  I remember doing an assignment in school where I did this and burned all the edges to make it ‘authentic’.  So, I smoked up the craft room by burning the edges, but in the end, a dark brown ink was just as effective.  Use a pen or paintbrush handle to curl the top in one direction and the bottom in another, then mount on a few pieces of cardboard so it sits right up off the page.

Insert the ephemera around your image area, decorate with flowers, metal trinkets, buttons or whatever divine things you might have in your stash.  I always think about the many things associated with the topic and use them if room allows.  Tickets, bits of things collected on the travel journey could be included, a mini hat, some ribbon, little charms – soo many options.  Here are some close ups, hope you like it.  smiles, D

To see more of my work, please visit my website at Jacobi Creations and follow my blog at https://jacobicreations.blogspot.com.au

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5 thoughts on “Digital Stamping with Hero Arts Vintage Travel DK002

  1. Oh my goodness what a wonderful page, and you made those beautiful element from digital stamps!! Awesome! I love how you aged and distress the map!

  2. love your layers and colors!

  3. WOW. Love your page. I like that you have a couple of larger spaces to put some photos. You haven’t overpowered the page so that you only put a tiny photo on it. I love the creativity of your page, the colors, certainly is a thing of beauty, a work of art, and a wonderful place to place your photos, works of art in themselves. LOVELY.

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