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Strike A Balance

Hello crafters!

Congratulations you are halfway through the week! Friday is just around the corner 🙂

Today I wanted to talk about balance. I’m sure you’ve heard in card making there are rules.

The rule of thirds. The gallon, pint, quart rule. The odd number rule.

Sometimes you can throw all the rules out and still end up with an amazing project. Other times when it seems like your elements just aren’t coming together those rules can be quite helpful. This includes finding a balance in your design. Before I get to the cards I want to talk about how I created my rainbow patterns. I recently got the Hero Arts Stylish Borders Stencil and there are so many awesome options with it.

Stylish Borders

I embraced my love of the rainbow and made a few backgrounds.

I just masked with two large pieces of copy paper and moved the stencil around until the whole piece was covered. I did wipe the stencil off with a dry cloth in between colors to prevent mixing. I ended up only using pieces of each background because, well, CAS is just my style 🙂 But I still have large pieces of each background to use again 🙂

Okay. First up: Super simple


I did some inlay die cutting with this one. I decided to die cut the butterfly because it is a softer shape and balances the hardness of the triangles. The simple black sentiment provides contrast and doesn’t compete with the busy pattern.

Second: Middle of the Road


I really loved the chevron pattern but it seemed a little big so I only used a portion of it. Since the top left is so busy I placed my sentiment in the bottom right to balance it. The addition of the stars and enamel dots draws the eye to the sentiment. It also grounds it so it isn’t just floating all by it’s lonesome 🙂 I used an odd number of embellishments since it’s more pleasing to the eye. If you use even numbers your brain automatically tries to pair them. Weird huh? The stars were stamped in black but felt too dark to me so I outlined with a gel pen. I love how they pop!

Finally: Busy Bee


Cut me a break,  this is busy for me ha! I loved the swirls on the stencil they looked like party streamers to me! I can also see them being water for an underwater card or wind for some fall leaves. So many possibilities! I wanted my streamers to look a little dreamy so I added a few with embossing paste and a few more tracing the stencil with my stickles. Since the streamers are so soft I kept the shape of panel and the sentiment banner hard. I let the balloons over hang the edge to add some interest and put the sentiment in the “sweet spot” according to the rule of thirds.

If you love this stencil as much as I do you’re in luck because it’s currently on sale for only $4.00! What a steal!!

Don’t forget we have a current challenge to play along with. Create a project for either Autumn or Christmas and you could win $25.00 gift certificate to the store.

So now that I’ve shown you how I find my balance how do you find yours? I’d love to see how you do 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


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