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Taking A Moment

Hi, friends, today here on the blog we’re taking a moment to reflect on the devastation that has been affecting so many of our friends, family and customers. The hurricanes that have ravaged so many places have been on our minds. We thought maybe it might be helpful to let you know some of our favorite charities during this time just in case you were thinking you’d like to help out but maybe feel overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Here are some of our favorite places to send money and support right now.


Undies for Everyone…go here to donate to Irma and Harvey Relief. They are a Houston-area charity dedicated to making sure students have dignity and hygiene through this one specific outreach. It’s an absolutely basic need that they’re addressing and you can help.


The Humane Society is dedicated to providing disaster relief for animals and are fundraising now for the hurricane-affected areas of the U.S. You can find out more on their website on how to help our furry friends.

One of our fellow crafters, Sandy Allnock, had the great idea to send notes and cards of encouragement to first responders—the police, fire and medic personnel who are some of the first people on the scene whenever disaster strikes. They are the people who go into an area when everyone else is fleeing. It’s their job, and they usually don’t like to hear they’re heroes, but we know they are and that any encouragement they get during this stressful time of clean-up would be appreciated.


Here are Sandy’s ideas if you’re moved to send a card. You can go to Sandy’s blog post here for specific addresses or ideas on where to send your cards.

Gulf Coast Card Drive for first responders

When sending cards to first responders…some tips:

  1. Send uplifting messages! Don’t tell them how awful it looks on the news. They know that.
    1. Thanks for supporting your community/country
    2. Be safe out there
    3. Praying for you (no proselytizing)
    4. Your wishes for them (dry socks and hot coffee, the joy in making a difference)
    5. A little about you if you wish (first name, hometown, fun fact)
    6. Jokes (yes, everyone could use a giggle!)
    7. Can address your note to Dear friend, Dear hero…or I go simple and start the note with “Hi there!”
  2. Card themes: Any general theme, or thank you/encouragement works. Patriotic is nice as they are service-oriented folks. But sunshine and flowers are great, anything funny, some masculine and some feminine. Something from the heart! The new stamp set HERE is awesome.
  3. Send drawings from your kids! Encourage them not to draw pictures of people drowning, even if that’s the thing that comes to mind. Have them draw pictures of people and pets being rescued, and tell them how old they are. Or just happy sunny pictures with big thank you messages. Kids can address their notes “to my hero.” No last names, keep those kiddos safe.
  4. Do NOT include gifts, snacks, inserts, tracts, etc. Just a card with a message in it. Don’t make it complicated for them to tack on a bulletin board to share with everyone.
  5. Expect no replies. This isn’t a penpal effort, just sending love and encouragement from across the nation.

And lastly, another fellow crafter, Danielle Wells (founder of Neat and Tangled), needs a little help for her father. Dan DiGennaro has a Go Fund Me page to help with medical issues following a knee surgery that ended up causing a whole host of pain issues. Dan is planning to get some treatment to alleviate some of that pain but it’s incredibly expensive. He’s very close to his goal but we can help him make it to the finish line. I cannot imagine living every day with this kind of pain and am so hoping this treatment will help him. There’s a lot more info on the page, including exactly what they are planning to use the money for.


And lastly, a big thank you for whatever you’re doing to make the world a better place. During disheartening times, it’s important to remember that good people are out there, doing good and making a difference. Maybe they’re on the ground, searching and helping victims, maybe they’re at home, collecting water and clothes to send to devastated areas, maybe they’re skipping a pizza night and sending $15 to help, maybe they’re just sending good thoughts and prayers and maybe it’s just a smile and a nod to a stressed mom or thanking the barista with a tip…we can all do our part and that makes all the difference. Keep up the good work—we need as much kindness in the world as we can get!

Hugs from all of us at a2z Scrapbooking Supplies!




Winners and Winning Post

First, the winners. I have the pleasure of announcing the winners from the CASEing Kelly Blog Hop from last week.

CASEing Kelly Sponsors

  • the Winter 2015 card kit from Create a Smile Stamps#3 Maaike Uijthoven(from Jen Lotfield’s blog)
  • $25 gift certificate from Simon Says Stamp #38 Arianna Barbara(from Shelly’sblog)
  • $25 gift certificate from the Ink Road #10 Henriette(from Brandi’s blog)
  • a Police Woman digi stamp from Lia Stampz #83 Angela Restad(from Ardyth’sblog)
  • $25 gift certificate from a2z Scrapbooking#24 Charlene(from Dee’s blog)
  • a crafty goodie bag from a2z Scrapbooking #19 Leslee(from Amy’sblog)
  • a crafty goodie bag from Hero Arts#37 Liz Gessner McAlliston(from LauraJane’s blog)
  • a $25 gift certificate to any online craft store (winner’s choice) from djkardkreations #56 Cat Craig(from Kristie Goulet’sblog)
  • a $25 gift certificate from Altenew #53 Vinita Jain(from the A2Z Scrapbooking blog)
  • a stamp set from Dee’s Artsy Impressions  #53 Jeanne(from Char’sblog)
Congratulations to Charlene and Leslee who are receiving prizes from us and Congratulations to Vinita Jain, who commented on our blog and will receive the prize from Altenew and all the winners from the hop. Thanks for hopping along to celebrate our friend, Kelly Latevola!
That’s the Winner part of the post…the Winning part is that Jennifer McGuire is starting a fabulous challenge called Share the Handmade Kindness Challenge. The details are on Jennifer’s blog and it’s an entire month of sharing and caring and passing on kindness to others. What could be better—crafting for the purpose of passing along kindness? You have fun and do good in the world and that, my friends, is winning in my book.
To support the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge, Hero Arts has created two stamps with messages of kindness. They are donating 25% of the profits to the Kind Campaign to help end bullying. Jennifer helped to make these stamps and she is excited to know Hero Arts is supporting her cause, and we are too! These stamps are fabulous and you can get them through our store right now (they ship Friday). If you order them (or any products) through a2z Scrapbooking Supplies, your purchase also benefits Camp Gluten Free (for children with gluten allergies) and supports people with Behcet’s Disease. So, really, you’re doing all kinds of good in the world!
StampsSo excited to see what everyone comes up with during Jennifer’s challenge month…and to see the creative projects that will happen with these stamps. Please jump over to our Facebook page and post your projects made with them so we can all enjoy them!
Ok, people, let’s go out there and be kind!
charkp.s. We’ll be announcing our September and October challenge winners very soon! Stay tuned!